Bitcoin Bubble or start of Main Stream Adoption? Andy Hoffman Interview

Is Bitcoin a bubble or just beginning early adoption, is Bitcoin threatened by the increase of Altcoin market share? Commentary from my Andy Hoffman interview back on 30-11-2017 with an end of year intro! I have been on a much needed sabbatical after working for several years with no time off, but will be producing more content in the near future. Hope you all have a great New year and 2018!

6:59 What do you attribute the price movement to and do you think it’s over/under valued?

12:27 Old men hating on Bitcoin

22:49 Bitcoin dominance index

30:31 What should we be worried about in the near and intermediate term?

38:07 Governments against Bitcoin, where will the confrontation start?

45:20 How are people going to acquire and dispose of large positions?

54:53 What are you expectations of Bitcoin in 2018