Bitcoin $500,000 by 2030? Asicboost controversy & Litecoin Segwit

I Join World Crypto Network news show #38 to talk all things Bitcoin.

Video talking points timestamped below along with my talk times:

Video contents:

0:10 – Introductions

2:05 – AsicBoost Controversy, is it happening? If so how can it be stopped? (RI @ 4:48)

24:10 –  Litecoin has recently seen 2 year highs on the news that segwit may get activated. Do we think it will get activated and what effect will this have on bitcoin? (RI @ 31:15)

36:05 – Bitcoin $500,000 – Snapchat’s First Investor Jeremy Liew said in an interview with Business Insider that Bitcoin price can realistically reach $500,000 by 2030. Is this price possible and how will we eventually get to this price if it is indeed possible? (RI @ 40:57)

55:45 – First time Bitcoin  investment tips from Renegade Investor

59:00 – Riccardo Spagni @fluffyponyza  Answering questions on Monero

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