Japan Bitcoin trading volume and interest growing

Via  @ themerkle.com

Quoine Becomes a top 5 Bitcoin Exchange due to Increased JPY Trading

  • “Things are evolving rapidly in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Singapore-based exchange Quoine has catapulted itself to become one of the world’s five largest cryptocurrency exchanges out of nowhere. Most of this momentum can be attributed to the increased JPY trading in the Bitcoin market, as there are only a few exchanges supporting this currency”
  • “That being said, Quoine will still have a long road ahead before they can officially overtake bitFlyer in JPY trading volume. Right now, there is a 12,600 BTC difference between both platforms over the past 24 hours, although that situation can change at any given time. It is nice to see Japan warming up to Bitcoin all of a sudden, albeit that move was not entirely unexpected given the recent changes imposed by Chinese Bitcoin exchanges

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