Preventing Another Bitcoin Bubble

By Vinny Lingham

[Editors Note:  Although Bitcoin has experienced multiple short term bubbles and busts.  In the long term, Bitcoin has never been in what I would consider a major bubble.  At $19bn Market cap and $365tn in all other major global asset classes, Bitcoin’s long term growth prospects are potentially unprecedented.

That said, on a short term basis there is some pertinent information in this article and the risks of introducing a Bitcoin ETF at this early stage]

  • “Losing 15–20% in a day is the norm for us living in the crypto world — but not for people who have their retirement savings on the line. The fact that it’s hard to buy Bitcoin right now is a good thing, for now, because it self selects sophisticated investments, by and large”
  • “Overall, I’m not against the idea of the ETF — I think it will be a good thing but I don’t believe that 2017 is the year for it. Once Bitcoin gets into the $3–5k range (hopefully in the next year or so) and the volatility continues to drop, then I believe we can expose it to retail investors — but for now, I’m hoping we can avert another Bitcoin Bubble!”

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