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How To Protect And Profit From Upcoming Bitcoin BIP 148 Fork with Trace Mayer of Bitcoin

Via the Dollar Vigilante

Jeff interviews crypto-expert, Trace Mayer, in a TDV subscriber first release interview, topics include: BTC segwit adoption, user activated BIP148 softfork to force segwit, BIP 148 coming ready or not, bitcoin scalability, the risks of forking the blockchain, community power, the true value of miners, securing your bitcoin through the upcoming fork, big BTC losses through poor security technique, don’t mix politics with investment, high transaction fees could be about to change, an examination of certain ‘altcoins’, and a hot tip on an altcoin with huge upside potential yet to take off.

Must Watch: There’s No Room For Ego In Bitcoin” Time To Invest!


Excellent interview with Bitcoin expert and Early investorTrace Mayer.

02:45 There’s no room for ego in Bitcoin
04:00 When will Gold Bugs embrace Bitcoin?
07:00 Don’t mix emotion with Bitcoin!
08:40 Even sceptics now want to own Bitcoin!
10:00 The early days of Bitcoin
14:20 Are we approaching a Bitcoin bubble?
16:30 We are going through a financial technological revolution!
17:00 How to understand the TRUE value of Bitcoin
20:00 Bitcoin should be $36,000
23:25 Trace’s opinion of the Bitcoin scaling debate
27:05 The effects of high transaction fees on the Bitcoin network
31:35 Estimate of the amount of Bitcoin is lost or in storage
40:10 Bitcoin represents the first true free market!
41:30 Can Bitcoin be manipulated?
44:20 Ethereum’s true potential, is it really a store of value?
52:05 Steemit and its innovation!
54:20 Where to gain more of Trace’s insights

We have a legendary guest with us! Trace Mayer will be giving us his expert opinions into the current bullish Bitcoin market, with Bitcoin above $2000 many sceptics are starting to embrace Bitcoin’s innovative trend.

Trace will talk to us about the high transaction fees, Ethereum and the possibility of the only free market on earth being based around Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.
With many now turning to Bitcoin for profit and decentralized wealth Trace also explains why there is no room for emotions and ego in the Bitcoin eco system!

RI Market Update 22-05-201 : Bitcoin Surges through $2000, Short Term bubble ahead

By Renegade Investor

Bitcoin market update ,Bitcoin Fundamental & Technical analysis. Bitcoin surges through $2000 on this historic run! How did we get here, where could we be going , what to look out for, caution is required as the trend accelerates.

Caution: I dont give financial advice but Bitcoin is rising fast in the short term be cautious with how much capital you risk at higher levels.

Bitcoin Meister show:19-05-2017 Bitcoin $2000!! Altcoin Bubble? ICO’s what you need to know;

Bitcoin hits $2000!! My appearance on the Bitcoin Meister news show 19-05-2017. Thanks to Adam @techbalt for inviting me on below is a list of all the talking points:

Crypto Topics Discussed:
1) ICO craze what you need to know 0:40
2) Altcoin bubble? 17:10
3) Bitcoin All time highs $2000! What’s going on where are we going? 27:38
4) Final thoughts? 55:00


Why I don’t support horse-trading compromises for Bitcoin protocol development

Via Nadav Ivgi founder at @bitrated

Great article, also follow @beautyon_ who has done excellent commentary on this topic.

  • “Political compromises have no place in bitcoin protocol development. I have my full faith in the consensus-driven scientific process that’s based on open communications, technical merit and peer review. A top-down imposed agreement based on closed-doors lobbying that overrides the technical community consensus process and the established FOSS practices would severely undermine the value proposition of bitcoin and its long-term viability”
  • Allowing political compromises to shape bitcoin protocol development sets a dangerous precedent, constitutes a moral hazard and erodes the established FOSS practices and consensus-driven decision making.

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