In Bitcoin – Listen to everyone But follow nobody, no one is 100% right!


  • “With that said, I just want to point out that NO ONE is a fucking expert. Some people know more about the technology and history, while others have been in the game since the early days through dumb luck. Everyone has a voice. Everyone has an opinion. I respect everyone’s perspective, but like I said, NO ONE can accurately predict the future”

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Trezor: Secure your Crypto. Hardware wallets = Ultimate protection for your Bitcoin

Via  @BTCbenny on the ‘BTC Sessions’ youtube channel

If your holding Bitcoin long term, Hardware Wallets such as Trezor and Ledger are a must to protect your Bitcoin from hacks and eliminate counterparty risk that is present when holding Bitcoin on centralised exchanges.

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Complete overview of Forks, Signalling and activation

Via @ericlombrozo Core Contributor

  • “There seems to be a considerable amount of confusion among Bitcoin users regarding the nature of the process underlying changes to the Bitcoin protocol. In an earlier post I described the process for making code changes to the Bitcoin Core software repository. In this post I’ll go over the far more intricate process underlying changes to the consensus rules that ensure everyone ends up on the same blockchain and sees the same ledger and transaction history”

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