(Video) Will Bitcoin investment become the only game in town…

To understand the potential Return on Investment in Bitcoin, it’s important to take a close look at the fundamentals and market cap of all other major asset classes, that are a potential source for capital flows into Bitcoin.

My video takes a look at the potential of the bitcoin price in the long term, based on a 5% wealth transfer from the world major asset classes, that would take Bitcoin to a $10-$12 trillion market capitalisation.

It also highlights the risks that Bitcoin still faces, if this scenario was to become a reality.


Keiser Report [E864] – Pathogenic Finance

]Editors Note] – Excellent discussion with Reggie Middleton of boombustblog.com. How the global financial system & society in whole would benefit, if it moves away from the inefficient heteronomous financial system we have today; by moving towards an autonomous financial system powered by the likes of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.


Via Zerohedge.com

  • “As Reuters reports, American Eagle silver coin sales jumped on Monday after the U.S. Mint said it set the first weekly allocation of 2016 at 4 million ounces, roughly four times the amount rationed in the last five months of 2015, after a surge in demand. It will not be enough”
  • “According to the Mint, more than half of the week’s allocation of silver sold on Monday, the first day of 2016 sales, a sign that demand entering 2016 is literally off the charts”

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Chinese Debt destruction & non-performing loan cycle could lead to huge debasement of Yuan

Via Kyle Bass @ wallstreetweek.com,

[Editors Note]

Debasement of the Yuan would be extremely bullish for alternate money/currency including Bitcoin and Precious metals.

China has $22 trillion in deposits part of which could soon find its way into these assets, if debasement and capitals controls for the Yuan hits.

  • “Given our views on credit contraction in Asia, and in China in particular, let’s say they are going to go through a banking loss cycle like we went through during the Great Financial Crisis, there’s one thing that is going to happen:China is going to have to dramatically devalue its currency.”

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(video) Bitcoin – The Birth of a new financial elite; or the end of the old one?

[Editors Note] I address this common question in the Bitcoin space, and why I dont think it will be the case:

“Due to the uneven distribution of the Bitcoin currency at this time; , If Bitcoin goes mainstream wont it just lead a new powerful financial elite or 1% and cause massive wealth inequality in the same way the existing global financial system does”


Bitcoin in a Suit: Why the Tech’s Big Battle is Already Won

Via Coindesk.com

  • “It’s the folks who don’t understand cryptocurrency and the folks who don’t understand Bitcoin that seem the craziest these days. It’s a fascinating flip”
  • “But there’s one thing to remember in every investment scenario: objections are a buying signal. Say what you want about short-sighted folks stuck in the past: investors know that something is brewing.

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