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Bitcoin Bubble or start of Main Stream Adoption? Andy Hoffman Interview

Is Bitcoin a bubble or just beginning early adoption, is Bitcoin threatened by the increase of Altcoin market share? Commentary from my Andy Hoffman interview back on 30-11-2017 with an end of year intro! I have been on a much needed sabbatical after working for several years with no time off, but will be producing more content in the near future. Hope you all have a great New year and 2018!

6:59 What do you attribute the price movement to and do you think it’s over/under valued?

12:27 Old men hating on Bitcoin

22:49 Bitcoin dominance index

30:31 What should we be worried about in the near and intermediate term?

38:07 Governments against Bitcoin, where will the confrontation start?

45:20 How are people going to acquire and dispose of large positions?

54:53 What are you expectations of Bitcoin in 2018


Feature Interview ‘Break the System’ with RenegadeInvestor! via coinstrategy.io

Check out this detailed interview I did with @piratebeachbum from coinstrategy.io

A big thank you to @piratebeachbum for all the amazing effort and research he put into this interview. Be sure to subscribe to his twitter and bookmark his site (Links Above)

I talk about my past , growing up and how I ended up starting Renegade Investor!

We also discuss Alternate investing focusing on Bitcoin, Gold, and silver; why they could be amazing investments and where I think these markets are going in the future.  I als talk about why Banks and governments will not be able to compete with the Bitcoin Revolution!



The Future will be Decentralised

By Michael Krieger @ Libertyblitzkreig.com

  • “When some people see the power structure fight back, whether against Bitcoin or alternative news, they get nervous and feel that all is lost. That we can’t win. I completely disagree and see it in the complete opposite way. The powerful are fighting back because they see themselves losing. We can’t be so naive to expect them to go down without a fight, but that doesn’t mean we should shrink from the challenge. If you go into a fight with a defeatist attitude of course you will be defeated. We’re the ones on the right side of history while their dominator hierarchies must be displaced. Our way is the way of freedom, ethics and innovation. Their way is of control, authority and violence”

The Future Will Be Decentralized

documentary : BITCOIN -Humanity’s last stand against the bankers

By Renegade Investor

Bitcoin Documentary: In the 21st Century Bitcoin is Humanitys last stand against the out of control T-800 Bankers! 106 years of Banker dominance, Monetary history and the rise of Bitcoin explained through James Cameron’s Terminator film Franchise!


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This week in Bitcoin 8-25-2017: Segwit, crypto-dividends, Bcash, 2X, Andy Hoffman, Venezuela

Via Adam Meister the Bitcoin Meister

Bitcoin approaches another all-time high and the panel is pumped! Independent Andy Hoffman, Gabriel from Venezuela, and Renegade investor share their thoughts on the amazing events that took place during the past week in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. You only get this unique international Bitcoin perspective on this show. Segwit, Bcash, crypto-dividends and more! Andy Hoffman elaborates on his awesome future. We learn all about what is really going on in Venezuela!

MUST READ: “JekyllCoin” the US Government’s Doomed Attempt to Kill Bitcoin.

Via @beautyon_

If you are into Bitcoin make sure you are following @Beautyon_

His commentary is both quantity and quality and he is always on the pulse with the most important trends taking place in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

This is another great article about how an opportune attempt by the US government and financial powers could manifest with the splitting of the Bitcoin Network this November, with the creation of BTC1.

But importantly it also talks about how any attempt to undermine Bitcoin will ultimately fail, once the fundamentals of the fork of the Bitcoin network that provides it huge value  and a level playing field on a global scale, are compromised.

Check out my first ever video ‘9 Reasons why Bitcoin will outcompete Private Blockchains‘ which also talks about all the reasons why this would fail once the core fundamentals of the network are compromised; especially with regards to Point 2) Surveillance and Politicization of the network.

Read more here….. 

Signs Bitcoin is Becoming a global strategic asset

Via coinjournal.net

  • “Putin’s Advisor is Raising $100 Million to Rival China’s Bitcoin Mining Industry”
  • “According to Marinchev, with just 10 percent of capital raised through the ICO, Russia will be able to reach 30 percent share in global cryptocurrency mining”

Read more here..

And now North Korea…?