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Bitcoin: The Black Swan of Finance

By Philip Francis @philfrancis77 @ decentralize.today

  • “Bitcoin will continue to see tremendous growth and innovation over the coming years. It’s important to remember, Bitcoin is something different to everyone and its always changing and evolving. To some, it alleviates the pain of transferring money overseas. To others, it’s a hedge against their corrupt and hyperinflationary central banks and governments. And to the four billion people in the world who are either not banked or underbanked, it’s a way to gain global and equal access”

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Bitcoin Price next MileStone – ‘Gold Price Parity’

[Editors Note:  To understand the psychological importance of Bitcoin Gold Price parity. watch this segment from my lastest video ‘Why Bitcoin price Will destroy all time highs in 2017 ‘]

  • “Gold hit a three-month high of $1260 at the end of business day on Thursday, Feb. 23, as a steady flow of safe-haven demand from traders and investors continued worldwide while Bitcoin topped $1170 around the same time. Civic CEO Vinny Lingham, gives Bitcoin about a month or less to consolidate its price in the $1300 range”

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Even China Can’t Kill Bitcoin

Via Bloomberg.com

“First they Ignore you, Then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” – Gandhi

  • “It’s hard to control something that exists nowhere and everywhere at the same time. With peer-to-peer transactions, there are no servers to shut down, no kingpins to arrest, no warehouses to bust. Regulators can only go after local bitcoin exchanges and service providers, effectively impairing their own ability to see what’s going on”

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Bitcoin Price pushing all time highs set in 2013!



Top Russian Regulator Endorses Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

By Evander Smart Via Bitconnect.co

  • “Bitcoin (is) the only technology that has been successfully operating today“. “Bitcoin – the world’s only technology, which is widely used, which has existed for several years, it (has never) broke (once)!
  • “Therefore, if we now ask whether there is another algorithm that established the reliability of distributed consensus, then it probably is not. If we talk about the current situation, it is really the only blockchain that we have success, it is Bitcoin,” he added”

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Crypto Scam episode 7 – Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, discussion W/ Andy Hoffman

Via Tone Vays @ Libertylifertail.com with Precious Metals Expert Andy Hoffman from Milesfranklin.com

Must watch: Excellent wide ranging conversation including:

  • Gold Overvalued  or Undervalued
  • Gold Versus Stock Market performance a true comparison?
  • Gold Manipulation
  • ETF’s and Leveraged trading
  • China the Yuan and the Euro
  • Bitcoin ETF/China/Manipulation



Via  bitcoinist.com

  • “Bitcoin ‘automated teller machines,’ sometimes called BTMs, play a vital role in Bitcoin’s global infrastructure. They provide a brick-and-mortar local to acquire Bitcoin extending the cryptocurrency’s reach”
  • “This milestone marks yet another success for the adoption of Bitcoin, which is beginning to gain traction in places where it previously had none”

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Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast – Wide ranging talk on the current state of Bitcoin

Andreas Antonopoulos & Trace Mayer Via Bitcoin.kn

  • Banks didnt co-opt Bitcoin, Bitcoin co-opted the banks
  • Bitcoin = Competition in monetary policy
  • Decentralisation as a means for Justice
  • A cultural shift from Counterparties to Bearer assets
  • The Centralisation V Decentralisation show down
  • Bitcoin has never been stronger than it is today
  • Avoiding deliberate division within the Crypto community.

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The true cost of Bitcoin transactions & The importance of Bitcoin scaling

By Erik Voorhees @ moneyandstate.com

  • “The true cost of a Bitcoin transaction can be better considered as:Cost = F + T + Ru

    Cost = Fee + Time taken to determine fee + Risk of uncertainty”

  • And let’s end this silly false dichotomy of Bitcoin as a “payment system” vs a “settlement system.” Such distinction is a relic of fiat banking networks and has no place with blockchain-based assets. The reality is this: every payment on a blockchain network is a settlement, and the cheaper these transactions, the more widespread uses the platform will find, meaning greater utility, a broader and more decentralized user-base, higher market capitalization, more liquidity, and therefore more hashpower dedicated to it, and more security derived therefrom.

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