World Crypto Network news show:

I join the World Crypto Network to talk  Bitcoin Price analysis, Why is the price rising? Have we seen the top?  Where is it going next?

First Half Topics:
-Bitcoin price – Bitcoin is on another tear taking the world by
storm with it’s recent price rise breaking new ATHs yet again,
passing up gold, yet again. What do we think is causing this, how
long can it last, and where are we going from here?

-The scammer & fraudster Craig Wright recently attempted to step back into the public eye with the announcement of his new company nchain which claims to be a competitor to the Bitcoin Core implementation. With people like Jon Matonis, Gavin Andresen and Jeff Garzik all saying it’s a good idea, what do we think about nchain and it’s future?

-After a back and fourth on twitter with Andrew Desantis & Jihan Wu, Wu replied back saying bitmain may likely accept code to stop ASICBoost. Is this a sign of bitcoin game theory at work, forcing Jihan to finally realize what the market wants and is this the next step towards Jihan accepting segwit?

Second Half with Special Guest:
-RSK was created to make smart contracts more accessible to bitcoin, has it done this and is RSK compatible with any other chains?

-What makes RSK different/better than other platforms like ethereum?

-Can you name some good examples of ideas that RSK makes possible that otherwise would’nt able to be developed with just bitcoin?

-How far away are you guys from launching on mainnet?

Bitcoin $500,000 by 2030? Asicboost controversy & Litecoin Segwit

I Join World Crypto Network news show #38 to talk all things Bitcoin.

Video talking points timestamped below along with my talk times:

Video contents:

0:10 – Introductions

2:05 – AsicBoost Controversy, is it happening? If so how can it be stopped? (RI @ 4:48)

24:10 –  Litecoin has recently seen 2 year highs on the news that segwit may get activated. Do we think it will get activated and what effect will this have on bitcoin? (RI @ 31:15)

36:05 – Bitcoin $500,000 – Snapchat’s First Investor Jeremy Liew said in an interview with Business Insider that Bitcoin price can realistically reach $500,000 by 2030. Is this price possible and how will we eventually get to this price if it is indeed possible? (RI @ 40:57)

55:45 – First time Bitcoin  investment tips from Renegade Investor

59:00 – Riccardo Spagni @fluffyponyza  Answering questions on Monero

Bitcoin Meister Talk show 24-03-2017

My appearance on the Adam Meister (AKA The Bitcoin Meister) YouTube channel. Thanks to Adam for inviting me on below is a list of all the talking points and time stamps.

  • Are we in status quo with regards to Scaling & Segregated Witness adoption 1:00
  • Should there be compromise between Bitcoin Core & Bitcoin Unlimited? 7:40
  • Will a Hard fork be devastating for Bitcoin? 17:40
  • Bitcoin Store of Value or Medium of Exchange? 28:45
  • To what extent could the Chinse state or other states be influencing Bitcoin behind the scenes 38:47
  • Do Alt-coins already solve the need to buy a ‘coffee’ transaction issue 47:30
  • Final thoughts 50:30