Chinese “Lose Faith In Collapsing Stock Markets/currency”, Import Most Gold Since 2013


  • “After a two year hiatus in which the Chinese population gingerly rotated from the burst housing bubble to the now burst equity bubble, the legacy battleground has been once again restored, with Chinese equities and currency, a proxy for China’s central bank preserving control over an increasingly more chaotic system on one side, and with “alternative” assets such as gold and bitcoin on the other”

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(Video) Will Bitcoin investment become the only game in town…

To understand the potential Return on Investment in Bitcoin, it’s important to take a close look at the fundamentals and market cap of all other major asset classes, that are a potential source for capital flows into Bitcoin.

My video takes a look at the potential of the bitcoin price in the long term, based on a 5% wealth transfer from the world major asset classes, that would take Bitcoin to a $10-$12 trillion market capitalisation.

It also highlights the risks that Bitcoin still faces, if this scenario was to become a reality.


Keiser Report [E864] – Pathogenic Finance

]Editors Note] – Excellent discussion with Reggie Middleton of How the global financial system & society in whole would benefit, if it moves away from the inefficient heteronomous financial system we have today; by moving towards an autonomous financial system powered by the likes of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.



  • “As Reuters reports, American Eagle silver coin sales jumped on Monday after the U.S. Mint said it set the first weekly allocation of 2016 at 4 million ounces, roughly four times the amount rationed in the last five months of 2015, after a surge in demand. It will not be enough”
  • “According to the Mint, more than half of the week’s allocation of silver sold on Monday, the first day of 2016 sales, a sign that demand entering 2016 is literally off the charts”

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Chinese Debt destruction & non-performing loan cycle could lead to huge debasement of Yuan

Via Kyle Bass @,

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Debasement of the Yuan would be extremely bullish for alternate money/currency including Bitcoin and Precious metals.

China has $22 trillion in deposits part of which could soon find its way into these assets, if debasement and capitals controls for the Yuan hits.

  • “Given our views on credit contraction in Asia, and in China in particular, let’s say they are going to go through a banking loss cycle like we went through during the Great Financial Crisis, there’s one thing that is going to happen:China is going to have to dramatically devalue its currency.”

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