Decline of Blockchain hype and rise of a common sense

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[Editors Note – For more information behind this trend,  also check out my video ‘9 Reasons why Bitcoin will outcompete Private Blockchains‘]

  • “Neither a bank nor a financial institution has implemented Blockchain technology yet. Even if they say they are working on it, it is done in a pilot version and works for something like test scenarios. Big money is not ready to move onto it”
  • “Blockchain trend is going down. We will see cooling interest towards it already in 2016. The same applies to smart-contract hype, ok, it has just started so maybe early 2017. A lot of Bitcoin/Blockchain startups that have enormous valuation will fail soon”

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London Bankers Plot Bailout Under New Prime Minister: “Monetary Response to Brexit Shock”


  • Britain’s new finance minister Philip Hammond declared Tuesday that it was up to the Bank of England to respond to the economic “shock” arising from Brexit.

    “The initial response to this kind of shock must be a monetary response by the Bank of England,” Chancellor of the Exchequer Hammond told lawmakers at the House of Commons.

  • What will this mean for global markets and the future of the European Union? That remains to be seen, but they are definitely scheming to make sure that the City of London is protected at all costs, and even at the expense of other parts of the economy.

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2007 All over again – Banking crisis imminent

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  • “The implication: Despite the headline numbers (like Friday’s largely-fictitious jobs report) that imply a stable, modest expansion, under the surface the financial system — composed of business loans, bank profits, etc. — is deteriorating fast”
  • “The outlook for U.S. stocks is terrible. GMO’s central forecast — which is a directional estimate more than a precise prediction — warns that U.S. large- and small-cap stock indices are now both so overpriced compared to history”

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delinquency rates

Precious Metal Pandemonium – Silver Spikes Limit-Up, Gold Surges As China FX Basket Hits Record Low


[Editors Note: Since my Market Update -(Titled) Bitcoin, Gold & Silver, extremely undervalued? on the 30-03-2016. 

– Bitcoin is up 50%+ , Silver up 40%+ , Gold up 8%+ 

  • “Silver just exploded above $21 – up almost 8% – its biggest single day surge since September 2013. Silver is limit up on SHFE as Gold is also surging back towards Brexit highs near $1360… China’s CFETS Renminbi basket just hit a record low”
  • “Money managers have been piling in on demand for havens and speculation that interest rates will stay low as central bankers around the world struggle to contain the economic fallout from the U.K.’s vote to quit the European Union”

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