Bitcoin Price poised to climb into year end, Price targets raised


  • “Needham’s Spencer Bogart, the analyst has raised his price target on the digital currency from $655 to $848, due to “1) Adoption trending faster than we forecasted in March, 2) Improving fundamentals, and 3) Upcoming protocol improvements that present attractive optionality for the price of Bitcoin. At the highest level, we continue to see value in Bitcoin as a “digital gold” and as a payment network that is enabling a global, open, permissionless financial system.”
  • “Aside from its upside potential, one of the most appealing aspects of Bitcoin for institutional investors in our opinion is its low correlation to major asset classes”

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Bitcoin Jumps to Three-Month High as Yuan Weakness Fuels Buying

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  • “Bitcoin rose to an almost three-month high amid a surge in volume as the yuan extended a six-year low, bolstering Chinese demand for alternative assets”
  • “As the yuan enters a path of depreciation, investors will consider investing in assets that can preserve value and hedge risks,” said Zhu Jiawei, Beijing-based chief operating officer at Huobi, one of the largest Chinese bitcoin exchanges”

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USA’s Day Of Reckoning – Hidden Secrets Of Money 7

Via Goldsilver (w/ Mike Maloney)

Mike Maloney makes the case for an upcoming deflationary scenario in the US and across the world, followed by hyperinflation similar to Weimar Germany after WW1.

The ‘Hidden secrets of money series’ is a must watch master class in production and explanation.

I highly recommend episode 4 ‘The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Who Owns The Federal Reserve?‘ Its a must watch and has just exceeded 5 million views incredible.

RBS attempted Block of Russia Todays Bank accounts, highlights importance of Bitcoin

As I pointed out in my video ‘9 Reasons why Bitcoin will Outcompete Private Blockchains- one of the main reasons why Bitcoin will outcompete Private Blockchains is because bitcoin is a global trustless platform that cannot be politicized.

Private Blockchains will give any entity in control of it the power to censor individuals or groups, as RBS just did recently to Russian media platform RT.

This highlights the importance of Bitcoin at providing a trustless global platform that cannot be censored, another feature that makes it attractive as an investment opportunity.

Keiser Report (978) with Kim Dotcom – Bitcache could help take Bitcoin mainstream

Via Max

Kim Dotcom – on ‘Bitcache’  (Bitcoin monetised file and content sharing platform)

” Megaupload 2 and Bitchache is better than anything I have ever done and will be bigger than anything I have ever done”

We discuss the latest alleged happenings in the United Kingdom – from alleged secret lists of alleged foreigners to alleged investors allegedly realizing the economy isn’t the government’s primary consideration to allegedly leaked documents proving a not quite accurate assessment of just what RBS bank’s GRG unit did to small and medium sized enterprises. In the second half, Max talks to Kim Dotcom about Bitcache, a company for whom he is an evangelist. They discuss bitcoin, bittorrents and copyright cartels.

140 Years of Monetary History in 10 minutes

By Mike Maloney @

  • So for those of you who haven’t seen it — strap yourselves in for 140 years of Monetary History In Ten Minutes”“By the end of this clip you’ll be able to answer for yourselves:– Are we overdue for a new monetary system?
    – Is war good for an economy?
    – Why did Nixon sever the link between all currencies and gold?”


By Rocky @

  • “Usury is a system that always takes more than it gives. The debt based economy is a parasite that will consume all the world’s resources until it kills its host. The best way to kill a parasite is to starve its food source. Rather than trying to fix a sinking ship, you can choose to withdraw your energy and your consent to feed an alternative model. Choice is the first step towards liberation. Bitcoin and open-source blockchain technology is a potential remedy for individuals to transcend financial slavery”

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Got Bitcoin? IMF Sounds Alarm As Global Debt Hits Record $152 Trillion Or 225% Of World GDP


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Gold price surging as Sterling Slumps On ‘Hard Brexit’ Concerns, Up 36% YTD

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  • “GBP gold is just 13% below the all time record nominal high in sterling terms of £1,161/oz, reached on August 24, 2011. Gold bottomed at £700/oz in July 2015 and has seen a series of higher lows and higher highs since then”
  • “Over the long term, gold has performed well for UK buyers and protected them from the risks manifest in recent years. Over 10 years, gold in GBP terms is up more than threefold or by 222% from £317/oz to £1,023/oz. An average annual performance of over 13% per annum”

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Anti Establishment, Bitcoin friendly Pirate party on course to form next Icelandic government

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[Editors Note: – The big ‘Decentralisation’ and ‘Anti Establishment’ trend continues, as disenfranchised people the world over begin to push back against the blatant global kleptocracy that no longer hides its outright corruption and unaccountability.

This trend will likely be a huge catalyst for Bitcoin adoption, which is the ultimate two fingers to the global establishment & crony financial elite]

  • “The party stands by longstanding policies such as granting citizenship to former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden and legalising trade and collection of bitcoins”
  • “If the Pirates emerge as the biggest party in an Oct. 29 parliamentary election – as opinion polls suggest – they will deliver another defeat to Europe’s mainstream politicians”

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