Must Read: Why governments should be hands off with Bitcoin – Help Bitcoin Help You

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  • “If the government intervenes to address imaginary risks, it will be a monumental and corrosive mistake. First of all, there is no way of knowing what the true risks are, since the form of future software developments that will automatically mitigate those risks is un-knowable. A perfect example of this process is Multisig”
  • “Britain must look to the future, where these problems do not exist. Prohibition is ending; legislating now as if it will not ever end is not sensible, and does not reflect the reality of what is happening in society. Remember; the goal should be to make Britain the home of all Bitcoin companies and innovation. This means looking at the trends and planning for the future, not getting mired in today’s hysteria”

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Third Bitcoin ETF Filed With SEC by GrayScale Investments

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  • “Grayscale Investments seeks to launch its ETF with an initial $500 million public offering according to the filing”

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Why Interest Rates Can Never Go Back To Normal

By by John Rubino via

[Editors Note: Eventually bond markets will overpower central management of interest rates through QE,but if governments are to kick the can and try to keep interest rates low,  the amount of currency creation needed by governments to offset a sell off in global bond markets will become more and more colossal; a bullish scenario for Silver,Gold and Bitcoin]

“The other meaningful number is 6.620. That’s the average interest rate the US government paid on its various debts in 2000, the year before the great monetary experiment of QE, ZIRP and all the rest began. When talking heads at the Fed and elsewhere refer to “normalizing” interest rates they’re proposing a return to this 6% average rate.

Run the numbers on today’s obligations and you get, well, let’s see:

$20 trillion x 6% = $1.2 trillion a year in interest expense. To put that in perspective…

  • It’s $15,000 a year per family of four, or about a fourth of what the typical American family earns.
  • It’s 31% of the federal budget, which would mean massive cuts in every other spending program.”

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Keiser Report (E1023) Crypto in the age of Trump

By Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert

  • “You could get a billion people using Bitcoin with a product like Abra.” – Brock Pierce
  • Max Keiser asks have we hit the exponential J curve of Bitcoin’s S-Curve adoption?  – Brock Pierce ‘I think its 2017’

We present our own dodgy dossier handed to them on social media and it shows central banks were forced into enabling the destruction of the global economy and financial system. In the second half, Max interviews venture capitalist, Brock Pierce of Blockchain Capital about crypto in the age of Trump.


Bitcoin; Why it now belongs in every portfolio

By Tuur Demeester Via

  • “A technology is called “disruptive” if it creates a new market that first disturbs and then displaces an earlier technology.Bitcoin is potentially such a technology and much more. The fact that it can disrupt the largest and most interconnected marketplace in the world—money, banking and finance—makes it perhaps the most promising investment opportunity of our age”
  • “With a risk-reward proposition this attractive, holding a small percentage of bitcoins in one’s portfolio as a speculation on increased adoption may be one of the wisest investment decisions of our age”

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(Video) One does not simply stop the Bitcoin revolution

By Renegade Investor

Always have a wide range of resources where you get your Bitcoin information & analysis from. Mainstream Media & establishment figures often have a symbiotic relationship with the legacy financial & political systems, which Bitcoin directly competes with.

And Remember, especially with regards to the latest PBOC rhetoric, ‘All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea who’s time has come’

Bitcoin, a growing Safe haven from the Global War on Cash

The Global War on Cash

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[Editors Note:  Below is an excellent Infographic which gives a great overview of  the escalating  global war on physical cash.

In my opinion the war on cash is totalitarianism dressed up as a moral crusade. If governments genuinely cared about drug money laundering, terrorism funding and money laundering they would:

  1. End the war on drugs (Which escalates drug prices on the Black market and incentivises drug trade)
  2. End fiat currency which facilitates the funding of large scale foreign conflicts (A major catalyst for terrorism) without direct taxation of the general citizenry, and political repercussions.
  3. Actually criminally prosecute banks who have carried out large scale money laundering.

(Point 2 is why people believe that Bitcoin in the long run could actually end large scale military conflicts)

Whilst I dont like fiat currency, the risk of removing the physical aspect of currency and making it purely digital  risks dangerously centralising control of global currency with Banks and Governments which will no doubt overtime, turn into a draconian knightmare in light of the ongoing global financial crisis.

As well as yet another fundamental reason to invest, Bitcoin offers people a way to escape the war on cash, this move towards totalitarianism and a way to enable a decentralised financial system which upholds Sound money, liberty, freedom and Volutaryism as core principles. 

Whilst I dont condone any illegal use of Bitcoin as described above, as a society I believe we need to address the core reasons for these certain nefarious uses of cash, rather than thinking a ban on cash is going to resolve these problems]

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Japan Bitcoin trading volume and interest growing

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Quoine Becomes a top 5 Bitcoin Exchange due to Increased JPY Trading

  • “Things are evolving rapidly in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Singapore-based exchange Quoine has catapulted itself to become one of the world’s five largest cryptocurrency exchanges out of nowhere. Most of this momentum can be attributed to the increased JPY trading in the Bitcoin market, as there are only a few exchanges supporting this currency”
  • “That being said, Quoine will still have a long road ahead before they can officially overtake bitFlyer in JPY trading volume. Right now, there is a 12,600 BTC difference between both platforms over the past 24 hours, although that situation can change at any given time. It is nice to see Japan warming up to Bitcoin all of a sudden, albeit that move was not entirely unexpected given the recent changes imposed by Chinese Bitcoin exchanges

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Understanding Blockstream

By Nick Tomaino via

NT: What is the mission of Blockstream?

  • “AB: We believe in a future where users are empowered to control their own assets. Our mission is to take the core secure P2P functionality of Bitcoin and extend it to other digital assets so that decentralized, P2P finance can come to fruition”
  • “In terms of what we’re actually building, we’re primarily focused on taking the sidechains innovation and applying it to financial institutions so that they can empower users around the world to access and move digital assets in a more efficient manner”

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