RI Market Update 22-05-201 : Bitcoin Surges through $2000, Short Term bubble ahead

By Renegade Investor

Bitcoin market update ,Bitcoin Fundamental & Technical analysis. Bitcoin surges through $2000 on this historic run! How did we get here, where could we be going , what to look out for, caution is required as the trend accelerates.

Caution: I dont give financial advice but Bitcoin is rising fast in the short term be cautious with how much capital you risk at higher levels.

Bitcoin just surged past $2,000 for the first time

Via techcrunch.com

  • “The total estimated value of all gold mined is around $8.2 trillion USD. Meaning that right now all cryptocurrencies put together don’t even equal 1% of the world’s gold reserves. Similarly, there is currently about $1.5 trillion USD in circulation, meaning that all cryptocurrencies today are still worth less than 5% of USD in circulation”

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Why I don’t support horse-trading compromises for Bitcoin protocol development

Via Nadav Ivgi founder at @bitrated

Great article, also follow @beautyon_ who has done excellent commentary on this topic.

  • “Political compromises have no place in bitcoin protocol development. I have my full faith in the consensus-driven scientific process that’s based on open communications, technical merit and peer review. A top-down imposed agreement based on closed-doors lobbying that overrides the technical community consensus process and the established FOSS practices would severely undermine the value proposition of bitcoin and its long-term viability”
  • Allowing political compromises to shape bitcoin protocol development sets a dangerous precedent, constitutes a moral hazard and erodes the established FOSS practices and consensus-driven decision making.

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Bitcoin To Become ‘Just Like Money’ In Australia July 1st 2017

Via cointelegraph.com

  • Australia has officially confirmed it will treat Bitcoin “just like money” from this year and it will no longer be subject to double taxation.”
  • “In its budget summary for 2017-18, the government states that as part of its plan to “make it easier” for digital currency businesses to operate in the country”

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Russia’s Largest Online Retailer Ulmart to Accept Bitcoin in September

  • “Founded in 2008 and headquartered in St. Petersburg, Ulmart has over 450 infrastructure facilities including fulfillment centers and pick-up points. The Russian version of Amazon.com is present in more than 240 cities and towns across Russia.”

Russia’s Largest Online Retailer Ulmart to Accept Bitcoin in September

Banks are evil – It’s time to get painfully honest about this

It’s time to get painfully honest about this Via Adam Taggert @ Peakprosperity.com

[Editors Note: Check out my latest video Bitoin; Real time Justice & Restitution to learn about the systemic fraud and corruption in the Legacy financial systems and how Bitcoin is the ultimate weapon and defence against it]

  • “In my opinion, it’s long past time we be brutally honest about the banks. Their influence and reach has metastasized to the point where we now live under a captive system. From our retirement accounts, to our homes, to the laws we live under — the banks control it all. And they run the system for their benefit, not ours”

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