Mother of all short squeezes looms for Bitcoin

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[Editors note: Entrepreneur Vinny Lingham has had some of the most accurate Bitcoin price predictions over the last few years, and his new predictions are eye opening to say the least!]

  • “The most important driver of the pending price surge, IMHO, is going to be what I term as the “Mother&*!er of all short squeezes”.A short squeeze is basically what happens when people that are short (selling) an asset discover that the price has risen and they need to buy (cover) to ensure they do not make further losses”
  • “It’s always easy to make outlandish predictions. My goal for this post was to outline what I think the tailwinds are behind Bitcoin. I don’t know if the price is going to $1000 or $10,000 — but I do know that it is going up. If I was forced to predict, I would say that it would hit $1000+ in 2016 and $3000+ in 2017. Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out!”

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