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‘Blockchain’ hype is dying, Bitcoin reasserting its dominance

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  • “During two plus years of blockchain hype, all efforts to harness the magical power of the blockchain have failed. Many people have been scammed out of money, time and reputation. So how do you know if a claim is legit or not?”
  • “A lot of people try to disparage bitcoin’s blockchain, but let’s not forget bitcoin’s blockchain is the oldest, the most secure, the most stable, and it holds the most value. It’s only rational to use bitcoin’s blockchain as the standard by which to judge others”

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RBS attempted Block of Russia Todays Bank accounts, highlights importance of Bitcoin

As I pointed out in my video ‘9 Reasons why Bitcoin will Outcompete Private Blockchains- one of the main reasons why Bitcoin will outcompete Private Blockchains is because bitcoin is a global trustless platform that cannot be politicized.

Private Blockchains will give any entity in control of it the power to censor individuals or groups, as RBS just did recently to Russian media platform RT.

This highlights the importance of Bitcoin at providing a trustless global platform that cannot be censored, another feature that makes it attractive as an investment opportunity.

Must Read: Forget Blockchain without Bitcoin Hype – Its Game Over for the statists

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  • “What the Statists do not like about Bitcoin not being under central control, is that its success is a strong, undeniable signal that control by democratic government is not needed for essential societal functions like money, and that there are better ways to organize every aspect of society that do not require government. The idea that money will no longer be the special preserve of the State and its corrupt central banks is deeply disturbing to these men”
  • “The Blockchain was specifically designed to allow Bitcoin and its properties to exist. By definition, that is the correct use case for that software; to create a decentralized, peer to peer digital money substitute without the Double Spending Problem. If you have another novel use case and you re-purpose the software used to create the Blockchain, that is good; but if you do not have a novel use case, you do not need to use the Blockchain”

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(Must Read) “Blockchain Technology” – I Don’t Think it Means What You Think it Means

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[Editors note: Also see my video ‘9 reasons why Bitcoin will outcompete Private blockchains‘ as to why Private Blockchains controlled by banking and governmental bodies, will ultimately go against freedom, property rights, free market capitalism and all the other amazing things Bitcoin can facilitate.

  • “Having stripped from Bitcoin the capability to be run by anyone and controlled by no one, blockchains have absolutely no potential to be transformative in any meaningful sense. This explains their popularity with those in power, but it does not explain what they are, how they function, and why you would use one”
  • “Blockchain is the result of observing a technologically incredibly successful system (Bitcoin has had a 99.99% uptime, no sustained network forks, and no loss of funds due to bugs in the protocol) and trying to replicate this success at the surface while reversing the fundamental functions at its core”

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Decline of Blockchain hype and rise of a common sense

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[Editors Note – For more information behind this trend,  also check out my video ‘9 Reasons why Bitcoin will outcompete Private Blockchains‘]

  • “Neither a bank nor a financial institution has implemented Blockchain technology yet. Even if they say they are working on it, it is done in a pilot version and works for something like test scenarios. Big money is not ready to move onto it”
  • “Blockchain trend is going down. We will see cooling interest towards it already in 2016. The same applies to smart-contract hype, ok, it has just started so maybe early 2017. A lot of Bitcoin/Blockchain startups that have enormous valuation will fail soon”

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Keiser Report [E864] – Pathogenic Finance

]Editors Note] – Excellent discussion with Reggie Middleton of How the global financial system & society in whole would benefit, if it moves away from the inefficient heteronomous financial system we have today; by moving towards an autonomous financial system powered by the likes of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.