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Anti Establishment, Bitcoin friendly Pirate party on course to form next Icelandic government

Via Stine Jacobsen @  uk.reuters.com

[Editors Note: – The big ‘Decentralisation’ and ‘Anti Establishment’ trend continues, as disenfranchised people the world over begin to push back against the blatant global kleptocracy that no longer hides its outright corruption and unaccountability.

This trend will likely be a huge catalyst for Bitcoin adoption, which is the ultimate two fingers to the global establishment & crony financial elite]

  • “The party stands by longstanding policies such as granting citizenship to former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden and legalising trade and collection of bitcoins”
  • “If the Pirates emerge as the biggest party in an Oct. 29 parliamentary election – as opinion polls suggest – they will deliver another defeat to Europe’s mainstream politicians”

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